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Maurice Pincoffs Company, Inc. excels in meeting your offshore manufacturing and sourcing needs with end-to-end project management of production & shipping logistics. We specialize in metal fabrication & plastics production, supplying components and complete finished goods.


From prototype to just-in-time production deliveries, we add quantifiable value to your supply chain.

Let Maurice Pincoffs’ sourcing agents & procurement experts help your business grow with our low-cost, offshore sourcing and manufacturing services. Explore the Order Process.

Let Maurice Pincoffs Company, Inc. help your business grow with our low-cost, offshore sourcing and manufacturing services.

Beyond Manufacturing

Global Procurement & Expert Product Development




US Company based in Houston, TX with offices in China and Taiwan. Experienced in-house QA (Quality Assurance) Engineers mean you can source from Asia with confidence.




Custom & COTS Components, Metal Fabrication, Weldments, Castings, Forgings, Stampings, etc. Plastic parts, cut & sew fabric products & more!

Quality Assurance and Services

Professional Product Management

Quality overseas sourcing & manufacturing by an importer of record make us an effective sourcing solution. Our US-based warehouse offers just-in-time delivery & last mile transport.

Import & Manufacturing Services

  • Sourcing Agency
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Importer of Record
  • Quality Control
  • In-House Brokerage

  • International Trader
  • Risk Management
  • Product Sourcing
  • Outsource Manufacturing

  • Trade Facilitation
  • Prototype Engineering

  • Project Management
  • Overseas Buying
  • Turnkey Fabrication
  • Sourcing From Asia
  • Contract Manufacturing

Cost-Effective Solution for Product Sourcing, Development & Production

We work hard to remove the risks of overseas buying & contract manufacturing. Any tooling required for production is not invoiced until samples are approved and we do not require deposits on either tooling or production. We have the expertise you need to overcome typical challenges found when importing from Asia.

Experienced Importers

Maurice Pincoffs Company has over 135 years of importing experience. We manage all aspects of the supply chain upstream of our warehouse facility in Houston. We are the importer of record for all transactions, removing the burden from your supply chain team. Our dedicated logistics team manages all aspects of the import and our licensed in-house customs broker oversees all shipments and ensures accurate customs entries. Essentially you will be buying from a domestic supplier with the added cost benefit associated with buying off-shore.

Our long-standing global procurement relationships guarantee that your product sourcing & manufacturing take place at factories with the best capabilities. Pincoffs’ sourcing agents consider the cost of raw materials, freight, goods and services tax, tariff monitoring, and market intelligence to get you a low price on intermediate goods, complex components, and finished products from China and Taiwan.

Logistics Simplified, Quality Assured.

Pincoffs has the expertise, relationships, and logistics infrastructure to make your Asian purchasing seamless. Our direct physical presence in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe, combined with a long history, and extensive supply chain allow us to obtain lower costs than buyers without this experience and infrastructure.


Why Use Pincoffs?

Trying to find an off-shore manufacturer or supplier can be risky, as there are many unreliable and unknown companies. Who is on the other end of the computer? Are they really who they say they are? Do they want big deposits and the balance of their money BEFORE the goods leave Asia? Do you have to buy huge quantities, arrange logistics and Customs and dedicate significant resources towards ensuring that you get what you order? Even then, you have no assurance that your order will be correct. With Pincoffs, you can be assured you are working with a reliable and trusted company.

Although you may be able to find a lower price for your Asian purchasing elsewhere, you need to consider the “price” vs “cost”. What good is a low price when all of the other costs associated with the transaction offset any possible savings? What Pincoffs provides is VALUE – A cost-effective solution to offshore sourcing. We let you know all of the costs involved in your project – from prototype to delivery. You can be sure that you are getting a quality product at a fair price.

We believe in the importance of a hands-on approach. Our US-based Houston team makes regular trips to Asia, at least once and sometimes twice per month. When we are not there, we are in constant communication with our Asian offices to ensure that every detail is handled correctly. Entrusting your offshore procurement to us is something we take very seriously. Our direct physical presence, long history, and extensive supply base more often than not allow us to obtain lower costs than buyers without this experience and infrastructure.

Since Covid, shipping times are no longer reliable and because of this holding times have increased. Maurice Pincoffs Company provides inventory storage in our Houston, Texas warehouse. With our warehousing, we can bring in your goods and store them until you are ready for delivery. We’ll even take care of the logistics involved in getting your products delivered to you.
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Over 135 Years of International Trade Experience

Founded in 1880, Maurice Pincoffs is the leader in offshore sourcing and delivers quality products to clients from all over the nation.