Product Manufacturing & Procurement Order Process

Steps of Contract Manufacturing & Importing

International sourcing can be a headache. We make it easy with guaranteed quality assurance. Optimize your supply chain with overseas manufacturing solutions.

Our In-House Agents Help You Source, Manufacture, and Import Products to the U.S.

Product Procurement Steps

Inquire about manufacturing services

1. Initial Inquiry

Need a component manufactured to specification? Inquire with our sourcing agents to find a low-cost supply chain solution.

Quote for overseas manufacturing service

2. Get A Quote

Not only do we provide the quote for manufacturing, but we help clients estimate the total cost to get their goods imported domestically.

prototype engineering and sample receipt

3. Sample Submission

Submit your design and prototype creation. Our engineers help ensure materials and design are best suited for the application and find the most suitable manufacturing facility

approval of prototype and sample design

4. Sample Approval

Evaluate production time and inspect the finished product sample for quality assurance.

tooling payment

5. Tooling Payment

Tooling payment is required before contract manufacturing order is fulfilled. This includes stamping dies, molds, and and other components unique to your product order.

production and manufacturing

6. Production

Production of your intermediate goods or finished product is overseen by our associates and engineers. We guarantee orders will be consistent with the approved sample.


7. Quality Control

Dedicated quality assurance & control teams prevent claims and manufacturing disruptions. QC includes on-site production audits and pre-shipment inspections.

shipping and domestic warehousing

8. Shipping & Storage

In-house customs broker and import agency takes care of customs ,bill of lading, tariff negotiations and shipping process. Full-Container-Load shipping expedites the import and ensures your delivery a priority.

import and shipping

9. Ship To Customer

FCA shipping to our Houston Warehouse. Your Products are stored until last mile shipping is arranged. We can store bulk shipments and deliver smaller quantities with just-in-time delivery to Houston area.

Invoice and final payment

10. Invoice & Payment

Once goods are received, clients are invoiced. Until this point, with the exception of tooling, Pincoffs assumes the financial liability of the overseas manufacture.

Over 135 Years of International Trade Experience

Founded in 1880, Maurice Pincoffs is the leader in offshore sourcing and delivers quality products to clients from all over the nation.