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Let Maurice Pincoffs Company, Inc. help your business grow with our low-cost, offshore sourcing and manufacturing services. From product design to domestic delivery, we will take care of everything for you.

Product Sourcing & Contract Manufacturing

Maurice Pincoffs Company is U.S. owned and based in Houston, Texas. Unlike buying directly from foreign manufacturers you do not have to worry about time zones or language barriers. With a large vendor base and a full-time team of qualified engineers in Asia, we are positioned to source & manufacture a broad variety of metal and plastic products. We believe that business should be conducted with the highest level of ethics, integrity and loyalty. As such we take pride in the many long term relationships we have with our customers and suppliers internationally.

Supply Chain Management

From Product Design to Delivery


Sourcing & Manufacturing

We are an excellent sourcing agency for manufactured components, offering metal fabrication for all types of weldments, castings and forgings in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, stampings of all kinds, screw machine and other turned parts, injection molded plastics, fitness equipment and cut and sew items. There are few limits to the product support we can provide.


Quality Control

With excellent vendor & manufacturer relationships going back many years as well as dedicated quality assurance and control teams, Maurice Pincoffs Company is able to monitor order production and inspect items to prevent claims and manufacturing disruptions. QC includes on-site production audits and pre-shipment inspections.


Importer of Record

International logistics can be a headache. Our in-house licensed customs brokerage and freight management team will handle all logistical issues. This includes customs clearance, warehousing, and transportation. As the importer of record, all the legal and financial risks associated with importation are assumed by Maurice Pincoffs Company. We ship full container loads to expedite delivery.



Shipping lead times are no longer reliable and holding times have increased. To help mitigate this, Maurice Pincoffs Company will hold product & component inventory in our Houston warehouse. This enables our customers to schedule shipments around actual demand requirements, and time them to reduce overall inventory levels.

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Just In Time Delivery

If you have a production facility in the Houston area, Maurice Pincoffs Company can manage your inventory and deliver just in time to your production line. Shipments of goods from our warehouse can be scheduled as often as needed. It is not uncommon for us to make weekly shipments so that a customer need not carry more than a week’s worth of our parts.

Over 135 Years of International Trade Experience

Founded in 1880, Maurice Pincoffs is the leader in offshore sourcing and delivers quality products to clients from all over the nation.